Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shabbat July 6th

July 6th Shabbat was pretty much the perfect mixture of American and Jewish traditional meals. I'll be honest and say not every Shabbat has to be Israeli, Jewish, Mediterranean inspired food, put your own twist on it!

So, for our Menu:

Dry rub, cooked all day delicious Brisket
Garlic sauteed whole Green Beans
Jewish traditional Potato Kugel
 Strawberry, Spinach and Goat Cheese Salad and
Ice Cream bars for dessert! 

Our guest list?:
(our usuals)
Aguirre Family (Allan, Cristina, Xaundelle and Corin)
Nelson Family (Hunter, Saphraine and Julien)
Hellermanns (Ian and Elysa) 
Nathan and Monica
Michael P.
We were missing a few Michael, Sam and Averi and  Joel.

After we lit our Shabbat Candles, Xaundelle shared an awesome testimony about her friend at work who drove her home and told Xaundelle she sees something different in her and even though she doesn't go around preaching at everyone she can tell there is 'something' different.

We like to call that something GLORY!
This is a testimony of who God is in Xaundelle's life! We need to all let our glory shine at work, with our friends, everywhere we go..it's not about the words we say but our actions and the Love that can shine through us.

After dinner some of us decided to continue the night with a game of Phase 10 (which took awhile), and after the majority of the guest left. Jacob, Sarahjane, Jessica and I tuned into Fifth Element.

 See how normal our evenings are?!? And all of this in keeping his commandments, loving each other in community, and blessing each other every Friday!! How can you not love it?!

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