Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 20th

Yes, I'm skipping a week. Unfortunately I didn't write it soon enough to remember all the little things I tried to note in my head.

June 20th was Corin's (my brother) Birthday Shabbat. Every Shabbat around someones birthday we do something special. We make a meal they have requested as well as dessert and we all pray over them to usher them into the next year!

Corin requested a meal only 1 person in the entire house knew how to make. Egg rice. This was going to be difficult since this 1 person was working until 5:30 and also because it is a 1 pot meal, meaning there weren't very many creative things we could put on the side.

I love to prepare Shabbat meal, it's exciting for me..like I'm racing against time to get this elaborate meal ready for 15+ people, Challah in the oven, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping all while juggling a child, dogs and getting every part of the meal completed. All for one purpose, to enjoy Shabbat Shalom.

Because once that meal is completed, we've blessed our friends and family, I get to sit down, breathe in the peace of God, and exhale knowing "I'm not on clean-up tonight".
I get to enjoy the rest of the night with no care in the world, just resting in his perfect Shalom. 

This Shabbat was slightly different. I had woken up that morning not feeling too well, so I slacked a little on the cleaning. I made challah, prepped the meal (as much as I could), and waited for this 1 person to arrive.
He got there around 5:30 and we were off to the races.

Egg Rice is just that, Rice cooked in turkey bacon fat (olive oil) ;), with maybe a dozen+ scrambled eggs covering the rice (lots of stirring), then topped with pre-cooked (by me) potatoes (bite-sized) and green onion.

You then add the over cooked bite size pieces of Turkey Bacon to add that special crunch!
It was quite a lot of work just to stir the few pots we had going.

We paired it with a Fruit Salad and for dessert Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies and Vanilla Ice Cream. I know..It was an interesting meal.

Corin got a few awesome words during our prayer over him, reinforcing words that were even given to him at his first baby dedication! He is a Battle Axe for the Lord! He has such a strong destiny over his life and we had an awesome time celebrating his birthday!!

It ended in true Corin fashion with a long game of Texas Hold'em and wacky music! 

What is your favorite part about Shabbat? Please share in comments or a personal email!
I would love to hear about your Shabbats and any stories you would like me to share! 

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