Saturday, August 4, 2012


Hello everyone!

We have had a LOT of birthdays this month, so here is a little catch up blog.

Julien (my son) turned 2 on Tuesday July 31st so we celebrated his birthday last Shabbat at our Community Shabbat.
Our community shabbat is a little different then the average Friday, we have about 10 more people then usual and meet at a restaurant instead of our home.
It gives my mom and I a break from the average work load shabbat brings and we get to relax knowing someone else is prepping for us.

We have decided to make our usual Shabbat group a steady count that joins us every Friday and other people that would exceed that number join us once a month. We decided to do it this way so that the people that come every Friday would feel comfortable to share whatever is going on in their hearts with a more close knitted group and feel apart of a real community.
This community has grown from 10 - 16 in just a matter of a few months! We are pretty close and see eachother 2-3 a week just hanging out with one another in worship, watching a movie, etc.

We love being able to invite new people to our shabbats and they come once a month to our 'community shabbat'. These people are amazing too!! We invite our friends to take a sneak peek into what this Shabbat thing is all about and the opportunity to see how blessing your family every week can change your life!

(moving on)

Last night was my Mom Cristina's birthday Shabbat, she was a little more elaborate on her menu choice then Julien.

My Mom grew up all over the world, spent time in Guatemala, Philippines, Papua New Guinea etc.
So you can imagine her taste in food is pretty...ethnic.
When I asked her what she would like to have for her Shabbat meal she requested Thai Cuisine.
This does not mean we just have pad thai and call it a
We went all out, we searched Arlington for a real Thai Market and found Hein Thai Market, it's a great little market once you get over the...smell :).

We decided we would make Tom Kha soup for an appetizer which is: Coconut chicken soup with mushrooms and lemongrass, our main course was Thai Green coconut curry (DELISH), with Chicken, Eggplant, Lemongrass, Bell Peppers, and plenty of Coconut Milk.
For dessert: Mango Sticky Rice. With just that, sticky rice with coconut milk, brown sugar etc.
And to go with the meal we had Thai Iced Tea!

Our special guest for her Birthday Shabbat were her Parents-Diane and Ron Morren, and her Best Friend from Highschool Katho and her Husband Stephen.

We got to pray over my mom and she got some pretty awesome words, it's such a blessing to have a community of people that are willing to take time to hear from the Lord on your behalf, it was AWESOME!

I think our Thai inspired night went..pretty well.

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